About Alliance Archaeology

Alliance Archaeology is a diverse group of industry professionals ready to bring their collaborative expertise and extensive professional network to your heritage management project. Alliance Archaeologists believe that diversity of experience, the provision of in-house specialists, and the value of a collaborative approach makes our organisation ideally suited to undertaking large-scale heritage management projects for our clients.

Unlike other consultancies, Alliance Archaeology consists of a formal relationship between a group of experienced archaeological professionals who continue to maintain their own independent consultancies, while coming together to work on large-scale projects as a team. Alliance Archaeology brings to your project the experience, skills, network and capability of a large organisation, combined with the personal focus of smaller consultancy.


In addition to archaeological and other heritage qualifications, Alliance Archaeologists maintain a range of other practical certificates such as:

  • 4wd Qualifications (various)
  • First Aid qualifications (various)
  • Workcover OHS construction induction certificates (various states)
  • A range of industry-specific site induction certificates


Alliance Archaeologists have been working in archaeology and heritage management for an average of over 15 years, and bring wide and diverse experience to your project. Our team members are experienced in undertaking large and small archaeological projects from start to finish, in consultation and co-operation with all relevant stakeholders.

Specialist Skills

Alliance Archaeology has in-house specialists in Aboriginal and historical artefact analysis and faunal analysis, natural processes that may form features resembling sites and how to differentiate these from human-made objects and features, as well as staff experienced in GIS mapping for archaeology. Professional historians and writers also form part of Alliance Archaeology’s staff team.

Professional Memberships

Alliance Archaeology staff hold memberships to and/or have served on management committees of: the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists (AACAI), the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), Professional Historians Associations in Victoria and Western Australia. Members of Alliance Archaeology also serve on the ICOMOS Indigenous Heritage Reference Group and various Victorian Heritage Council advisory committees. Alliance Archaeologists are qualified Heritage Advisors eligible to be listed on the Aboriginal Victoria List of Heritage Advisors, and are also listed on Heritage Victoria’s Directory of Consultants.